New Aprons and Shirts

For our finishing department we have designed new aprons.
All in Yask red because it is said that this is best for natural colour perception.
Our assembling team and drivers got stunning new shirts and the production team new Polo’s.

Private label in London City

Together with our downtown London based client YaskFactory co-created a full range of eye items in bullet oak.
All comes with an app to personalize all details; size, finish and options.


OK, the guys from Seoul are still a tiny bit bigger than Yask but that’s just a detail.
Time to compare one of their top products (Galaxy 3) with one of our older ones, the Ymotion leg.
       • Weight; 133 gram vs 9.700 gram
       • Copper; 6 gram vs 900 gram
       • Intro; 2013 vs 2009
It was a tough and straight confrontation, the Asians could hold the first attacks
from Yask but after a short break the team of Ronald decided for a rock hard attack with a spearheaded frontline and that was simply too much for the Samsung.
Their backbone was broken, the hope gone, just the smell of tears and the smoke of a real battle was left.