Terms & Instructions


As a Manufacturer of Natural and Personalized products it is likely that our Terms may differ from the standard ones. We recommend, therefore, that all our clients are familiar with the restrictions and download the Terms.

Also, we strongly advise to read the Instructions below. It is made to avoid misunderstandings especially related to natural features that Yask products are known for.

Instruction 1 Are you ready?

At Yask we do not believe in clinical perfection but prefer to highlight natural features complete with scars, knots, splits and grain variations! Please read the below carefully to find out if you are ready for this ?

  • Our wood is carefully dried and meets the ideal DIN standard of 9-10% (+/- 1) humidity. Nevertheless, with time some additional changes may occur, splits may change or grow, every single piece of solid wood may expand or shrink due to the local micro climate, but this will not affect the use of your product.
    Any movement, cracks, splits and changes in patterns or colours are normal effects of nature and not a reason for claiming at delivery or thereafter.
  • Boards and tops (even engineered and/or steel reinforced units) may slightly bow.
  • We use natural oils only (no stains) and in time, some additional changes in colour are likely, this in fact enhances the beauty of a Yask product.
  • Smoked oak produces a random finish with a glorious mix of shades; unique and unable to copy. Differences in colour – even between similar items - are likely (one leaf differs from the other) and not a reason for claiming.
  • Like wood, leather is a natural product. At Yask marks, scars and scratches are appreciated as part of nature.
  • Finishes on wood samples, website and brochures are an indication only.

Instruction 2: Order input

  • All items are individually manufactured in the factory and unless remarked will be made as separate items even if they appear on one order. If you require your units to be matching colours or legs to have a special spacing or benches to fit under a table, please mention this. We have a special “comments section” where all special instructions can be added.
  • Although our sales associate or the factory staff may physically add the order for you, it is your responsibility to check the final sizing, finishes and attached drawings, as this is what the factory will produce for you.

Instruction 3: Shipping your items

  • When your items arrive it is important to inspect the packaging to ensure no transit damage occurred.
  • In the unlikely event you discover a damage, defect or loss, please inform us immediately by using the Value Yask form.
  • If delivered to transport companies, forwarders, van services etc. restricted rules apply; meaning we cannot take any responsibility for handling your products by third parties.
  • We strongly recommend goods are unpacked and checked before handing over to third parties/customers; we cannot accept any claims for transport damage occurred after delivery to the address on the Yask delivery documents.
  • Physical acceptance of the merchandise including signed delivery documents safeguards Yask against any damage claim later.

Instruction 4: Nature deserves care

  • Yask items are a gift of nature and continue to live and breathe, do not coat them with foils or chemicals.
  • All items are constructed in a way that movement is possible but over time (even after years) parts may split, crack or bow slightly due to local climate conditions. Too dry means shrinking, too wet will lead to expansion. Avoid too dry/too wet environment like close or direct contact with heaters, (sun)light, moisture etc.
  • Solid items can be heavy; we suggest the use of two or more persons for the assembly. Avoid tilting the product on one side, as this may cause unnecessary stress or damage on certain parts. Once assembled never drag the unit across the floor, always lift it before moving.
  • We prefer the use of pure natural wax oils, but this finish is NOT sufficient to protect the item from continual water sucking, alcohol or stains. Therefore, use a damp cloth to clean spills of food and drinks immediately.
  • For leather and fabrics please do not use any solvent, polish or stain remover. Do not expose it to heat or too much sunlight.

Instruction 5: Tell us and others

  • At Yask we believe in nature, all processes are carried out with passion and love for our People, Products and Environment. Frankly we do not see the point covering all this simply to allow standard items to go through.
  • Tell all your friends about the history and uniqueness of your product.
  • To make great things better; tell us your suggestions and remarks.